State of the art diagnostic tools

Since its inception in 2010, the trailer workshop has formed an integral link in Reinhardt Transport Group service offering. The workshop makes use of state of the art diagnostic tools, heavy weight cranes that are built into the structure, spray paint bays and latest technology that allow for efficient and effective workflow and allows for up to 50% in savings.

The workshops aim

  • Servicing of the fleets trailers. Ensuring that all trailers are in a road worthy condition
  • Replacing of the trailers bin linings. Reinhardt Transport has a trailer replacement policy that allows for our trailers to be re-binned every 3 years and replaced every 6 years. This ensuring a high quality standard for all our trailers at all times
  • We have received approval from the Quality Assurance board for the manufacturing of our own branded trailers
Below is a step by step process in rebuilding & repairing the bins of a trailer:

Step 1 Sheets of Metal are purchased in the planning stages to be used in the building of a new bin.

Step 2 The sheets are then welded on a frame and the outline of a bin is formed.

Step 3 This step entails all the touch up work, like the welding of the sides, the sanding of rough edges as well as the installation of the beams inside of the bins that allow for extra durability.

Step 4 On average 4 bins are manufactured per day and assembled outside of the workshop.

Step 5 When an order is received, the bins are selected from the assembly line and are fitted onto the trailer. The now newly replaced bins and trailer is sent through the spray paint bay to be sprayed blue representing the Reinhardt Transport Group brand.

Step 6 Once all the manual work has been complete, the final step is to hook the rebuilt trailer on a truck and get it ready for the open road.