Products are handled in bulk, and include Chrome, Coal, Coke, Fertiliser, Magnetite, Manganese, Millscale, Pig Iron, Pulp, Rutile, Slag, Steel, Salt, Grain, Maize, Rice, Sugar, Wheat and Zircon.


On the back of an aggressive fleet replacement policy, procuring only best-of-breed equipment results in a modern and technologically advanced fleet. This strategy is supported by a meticulously applied preventative maintenance programme affording uptime far above the industry norm.


Our drivers are engaged on strict criteria. Formal induction and ongoing skills development training ensures awareness of responsibility to customers and road users.


Management sustains a zero-tolerance approach to safety, health, environment and quality. The company holds ISO 14001 certification. A dedicated department manages the micro-risk function of the business. Our mission is to:

  • Comply with national legislation and international standards,
  • Maintain a safe working environment with clean work areas,
  • Cultivate defensive driving techniques for safety on public roads,
  • Lessen our carbon footprint, and
  • Promote the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing for our employees.